Hi, this is Shawn , and a hobbyist breeder of Mandarin Orange Hamsters. Currently, I breed them for colour, temperament and also body size. Our hamsters are bred as closely as possible to the Winter White Standards of the NHC. However, we confess that what we know is quite lacking, however we strive to learn more, and to improve the quality of Dwarf Hamsters in Singapore.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pudding Colours, and their combinations


Look at the above picture closely, do you realise that the 2 puddings have a slightly different tone of colour? I had this pair of hamsters sometime in Aug 2005, and this situation got me baffled for quite some time. Guess were made on the genetic makeup, but my hamsters were found to have diabetes, and all breeding had to be stopped.

Nearly 4 years later, on Oct '2009, I came across a Russian website, which did state about Puddings. They called this colour Carmel, and the more accurate name is, Sapphire Puddings. This explains why there would be Sapphire Winter Whites in those litters. It finally made sense. This new colour is a combination of the sapphire gene and pudding gene, resulting in a lightening of the colour, like how Sapphires are a lighter shade compared to Normals.

Pearl Puddings

Pearl Puddings too come in many different colours, from being pure white, to one with orange and even one that looks like a Pear Winter White. However, due to the small amount of orange in them, i found it not easy to determine if they are Sapphire or Normal Pearl Puddings. But nevertheless, the difference between a Pearl Puddings and a Pearl, is that Pearl Puddings are usually much whiter compared to Pearls, and their tickings are usually Brown/orange, and not black like Normal/Sapphire Pearls.

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