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Monday, November 30, 2009

Money Saving Tips, when keeping Hamster.

Keeping a hamster is something never cheap. With food, bedding and even the unexpected visit to the vet, the cost of keeping hamsters might even become quite high. Looking at the 08-09 financial crisis, there is no more proper time to save some dollars and cents, especially if you happen to be getting a new hamster setup. Here are some tips that may help you save money while keeping hamsters, but not reducing their quality of life. Food Food quality should never be compromised, as hamsters are what they eat. To feed low quality food to save cost is unethical. The best way to save is to buy in Bulk, but not too much, 3months should be the maximum to preserve freshness. Treats from petshops should be avoided, as they are usually costly, and contain high levels of calories. Organic/Fresh vegetables are a cheaper and better choice, alongside grains. These are much healthier and cheaper treats. Food Dish This item is easiest to save on. Petshops usually sell them for about $5-$10 for 1 food dish. Here is mine from cash converter. I brought 4 of these for $2, and previous ones brought last me for 4years, and still in perfect condition

Tank A tank is better compared to a cage, in terms of durability, and ease of cleaning. While there may less air coming in from the sides, this protects the hamsters from draught, and the open surface on the top brings about adequate ventilation. A bare 2nd hand tank would cost around $8, for those 2feet and below, if you search hard enough. This is much cheaper than a cage, which may cost $40 or more. * Certain Tubs can be brought from Ikea at less than $10, for a reasonably sized one, which is also not too heavy, though you are unable to view the hamsters from the sidesm which is the major downside. Hamster House? These are not really necessary, and any porcelain cup will do. Below is a house that i used to have, which cost $6. It was also quite unhygienic, and waste and urine would accumulate there. A cup is enough, as it provides a hard and covered surface for the hamster to sleep on. Toilet/Bathing area I used a bowl, instead of the ones brought form the pet shop. These are much cheaper, $2 for 4 bowls, compared to those fanciful ones at the pet shop. Below is 1 of my no-frills setup. Costing: $15.80 Tank: $5, from Cash Converter Wheel: $5, brand new from SN(Serangoon North) Water Bottle: $3.80, and there are cheaper ones, equally good at SN Cup/House: $1, from Cash Converter Food Dish: $0.50, from Cash Converter Toilet: $0.50, from Cash Converter Here is how i saved money, while not compromising on quality of care. The items too can be brought and customised by oneself, giving each tank unique in its own.


Anonymous said...

Nice tips you have there =D

For those who don't have a cash converter nearby (there's only 5 in the whole of sg), I find the internet is your next best friend =)

Second-hand items from other people are one of the excellent sources to cut costs. And I found that luxury can also be achieved if your willing to put in some effort to look for good deals.

-I got a lovely 2ft tank (60cm x 30cm) from a guy for only $10. A brand new one would have cost me $30-$40 I believe.
-A 80ml water bottle for $2
-A 15cm wheel w/ stand for $3
-Food bowl FREE I just used an old saucer dish that my mum was leaving to collect dust
-A used porcelain bowl from daiso as a Bathhouse for $1
-4 used candle burners in different colours from daiso at $1 each.
-A seesaw from daiso at $1

All that for a grand total of $21 =)

Roborovski Hamster Sg said...

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for your article. You've given us all some sound advice. I enjoyed reading your article.

You've also given my bf the inspiration to look for tank(s) at Cash converters.

We started using cups as homes for our roborovski hamsters too when we first got them as a way to save money. :)

Till now, we still use sauce dishes as a food bowl and a glass bowl to hold their bathing sand. Our hamsters love it and I think they appreciate that the ceramic is slightly cooling during hot weather.

Thanks again!

Reira said...

Wow, nice tips! For food dish and toilet, i am currently using ikea plastic container but it is light weight so it kept moving around!

Hope I can find the exact same cup you got! Btw, which cash converter do you go? The one near my house is small so dont have the items mentioned.

jepoi05 said...

hi sean,
this had been very helpful.. thanks a lot

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