Hi, this is Shawn , and a hobbyist breeder of Mandarin Orange Hamsters. Currently, I breed them for colour, temperament and also body size. Our hamsters are bred as closely as possible to the Winter White Standards of the NHC. However, we confess that what we know is quite lacking, however we strive to learn more, and to improve the quality of Dwarf Hamsters in Singapore.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mazuri Lab Blocks

I just got some new food recently. They are Mazuri 5663 lab blocks. Below are some articles regarding lab blocks, which are rare in singapore.

Lab Blocks are said to be a good food for hamsters, as they help grind down the hamsters teeth, and also give a hamster complete nutrition as it does not allow choosing of the most tasty bits, resulting in an unbalanced diet.

Mazuri Lab Block Pellets are also for sale at $8.50 for 500gm (limited stock) for those interested in trying. Below is their nutritional content. - Sold www.mazuri.com/PDF/5663.pdf

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